Pharmaceutical Laboratory Research and Development Calibration Services Filths contain in Food product Non-Food Testing Inspection and Certification


  AMARC or ASIA MEDICAL AND AGRICUTURAL LABORATORY AND RESEARCH CENTER COMPANY LIMITED was established in February 19,2008 by group of laboratory experts from medical science, technicians and expert scientists and aims to be an Asia leading laboratory center as one stop services for analysis and research of agricultural, medical product, foods, feeds, herbs, cosmetics, relevant training and calibration services.

  AMARC is the only private agency in Thailand where all shared holders are Thai. The objective of this idea is to enhance the Thai product quality to be standardized from up-stream, middle-stream and down-stream till to the consumers, based on scientific proven, inspection and certification that is compliance with the global quality systems.

  AMARC realized the essential parts of testing, diagnostics and certification of agricultural products should be based on quality and safety with “fitness to the purpose” for local use and export. All relevant analytical parameters are applied with the newly methods, sophisticated and state-of-the-art equipment to delivery reports with precision and short turnaround time based on quality system.

  AMARC is ready to be one stop services, starting from inspection and certification systems in GAP and Organic farms based on National Standards in all relevant commodities such as fresh, finished products from fishery and plant farms for local uses, export and import.

  AMARC is a part of the National Health Certification System and also play as the consumer protection for the safety of consumption.


  1. Provide testing related to contamination in agricultural and food products derived from plants, fishery and livestock to insure their qualities for consumer’s safety and for export certification.

  2. Provide comprehensive range of routine and special testing menu over various products that comply with the international standards.

  3. Implement modem information technology and methodology to provide accurate and reliable reports that fit for specified time and intended use.

  4. Perform study on analytical method development and also product validation/verification to support medical manufacturer.

  5. All tests are controlled their qualities by means of internal quality control as well as participation in international proficiency testing programs.

  6. Being the Asia Learning/Training Service Provider Center in the field of medical and agricultural laboratory to cope with the progress sciences and technologies. Consultation services are available on scopes of which do not relevant to the IB & CB.


  Be the leader of one stop laboratory services on the testing and research in Asia related to the modern agricultural production, products quality, medicines, calibration as well as inspection and certification complied with the global quality standard.

Accreditation and Recognition

  Within the vision to be the leading laboratory center for local and international acceptance, AMARC has set up numbers of Laboratory system to support various specific tests listed in the accredited scope within the several fields under the Thai Laboratory Accreditation Agencies by the following standards.

Laboratory Accreditation

  AMARC is accredited under ISO/IEC 17025 by the Bureau of Laboratory Quality Standard, Department of Medical Science, Ministry of Public Health; Bureau of Laboratory Accreditation, Department of Science Services: Ministry of Science & Technology and TLAS/TISI, Ministry of Industries and been recognized the testing by the following regulators;

  • Department of Agricultural, the Department of Livestocks Development, Department of Fisheries and the National Bureau of Agricultural Commodities and Food Standards (ACFS), Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives.
  • Food and Drug Administration of Thailand, Ministry of Public Health.
  • Official Foreign Laboratory from Ministry of Health Labor and Welfare of Japan: MHLW.

Calibration Laboratory Accreditation

  AMARC is accredited calibration laboratory under ISO/IEC 17025 in several parameters to cope with the general needs from customers by TLAS, Thai Industrial Standard Institute, Ministry of Industries.

Inspection and Certification on farming systems

  Apart from the Thailand 4.0-National Policy of economic development model, Quality systems are parts of the national strategy to specify the production and the producing would be based on Quality System such as GAP, Organics, GMP and HACCP.

  AMARC has already planned to facilitate those targets by setting up the IB&CB based on ISO/IEC 17020 and ISO/IEC 17065 to serve and support the national policy and also serving to the customers with one stopped services based on national and international quality systems.

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