Conclusion of SELAMAT Conference 2018

 Organized by SELAMAT Global (Food Safety) Network,

VLA and AMARC Cooperation, Bangkok. THAILAND


Reported by: Dr. Vinai Pitiyont, Thailand Coordinator

             AMARC and VLA (Verification and Laboratory Analysis Association) was success to organize the First International Conference 2018 on Herbal Dietary Supplements in Thailand with the strongly Cooperation of the SELAMAT Global Network on November 9, 2018 at The Emerald Hotel Bangkok, THAILAND.

            This is the first joined SELAMAT International Conference by AMARC and VLA with the supported by SELAMAT NW (Dr. Piet Stouten, Secretary) by the set theme “The Harness of Sciences behind the Herbal Dietary Supplement for sustainable development” this is one of the successful story of us.  There were 8 countries from 14 Organizations joined in SELAMAT consortium and the Conference.  In fact, there are two separated activities in this event; one is the SELAMAT Consortium Meeting organized at the AMARC’s Head Office, Bangkok on November 8, 2018 and the second is SELAMAT Conference 2018 organized at the Emerald Hotel Bangkok on November 9, 2018, respectively.

            The SELAMAT Consortium Meeting will be an essential part of the SELAMAT’s Constitution that involved with the SELAMAT’s report on the past activities and also the future activities requested from members for the next coming year.

            In this Consortium meeting, there were 22 persons from 8 countries with 14 organizations (China PR., Netherlands, Portugal, Korea, Mauritius, Ghana, South Africa and Thailand) joined and demonstrated the past activities on 2018 from members (two institutes from China P.R.) and discussed to what was the future plans and activities for the next year 2019 where Bali, Indonesia will be a selected place for celebrating 15 years anniversary of the SELAMAT GN.  Chairperson, Dr. Hans Marvin announced to proceed to the set agenda and then thanks to member’s participation. Having finished discussion, AMARC took all members to visit AMARC’s activities in five floors and then hosted a special lunch at the Atelier Suite Hotel nearby. The luncheon went very smoothly with a fruitful continuous friendly discussion and expression, this is also the wonderful moment for both participants and AMARC as a host, many thanks to the SELAMAT members and everyone.

          On the SELAMAT Conference of Nov., 9 2018, that aims to booth and support the national direction of National Master Plan for Thai Herbs Development B.E. 2560-2564 to utilize Thai herbs based on MSTQ (Metrology, standard, testing and quality). This conference would also organize the exhibition corner from the well-known and sophisticated instrument producers to support the analysis of the real herbal products that resulted from speakers. The Conference and exhibition corner were officially opened by, the honor of the Assistant Minister of the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives, Mr. Niwat Sutheemechaikul. In the evening, there was a welcome dinner for all invited participants at the Emerald Hotel.

         The conference went well with 8 invited speakers/experts from FAO, the Netherlands (Rikilt, the Institute of Food Safety), China (Chinese FDA), Korea (Korea RDA), Portugal (IBET), Mauritius (University of Mauritius) and Thai FDA. The details of the overall conference would focus to herbal from farms to products and when formulated products, how to elucidate their authenticity and safety with the scientific evidences to both food supplements and drugs. However, this is the first conference of herbal products analysis in Thailand, there are needs to further study under MSTQ as fit for purposes and appropriate regulations.

The SELAMAT welcome dinner