Pharmaceutical Laboratory Research and Development Calibration Services Filths contain in Food product Non-Food Testing Inspection and Certification

Non-Food Testing

  Testing of fertilizer’s quality bases on Fertilizer ACT B.E. 2518 (amended No.2, B.E.2550) and DOA’s regulations/Notifications. Agricultural production factors are become essential to support the quality systems and as the pre-requisites to certification and also getting the good yield. Fertilizers produced by manufacturers must be based on exact registered formulations and will be monitored by the DOA according to the Fertilizer ACT B.E. 2518 (amended No.2, B.E.2550) where each producing batch has to test its content and archive for 10 years for regulator monitoring.

Hazardous substances for agriculture

  Hazardous substances for agriculture (pesticides) must be registered and varied for their chemical and physical properties according to their registration granted in all processes such as import, export, producing, distributing, licensing, possessing and declare their storage for at least 2 years in the market. AMARC provides full services of pesticide formulation test based on Hazardous Substances Act, DOA’s regulation and FAO/WHO pesticide specifications and also provide the storage stability test by using accelerated condition at 54±2ºC, 14 days or other specied conditions to verify and represent the ambient storage of Thailand’s condition for 2 years, or other customer requested using specied condition that fit for the import countries.

Soil and water quality test

  Environmental condition such as soil and water play important in agricultural production and also environmental quality. Evaluation impact assessment based on several testing will give more assurance to the evaluator.

  AMARC has set up soil and water quality test laboratory to support the GAP/Organics agriculture systems. This analytical results gives reflect to the quality of agricultural produces. These fundamental properties will lead to the smart farming system for efficient production.

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