Pharmaceutical Laboratory Research and Development Calibration Services Filths contain in Food product Non-Food Testing Inspection and Certification

Calibration Services

  • Volumetric (Pipette, Flask, Burette, Cylinder, Piston pipette, Dispenser, Digital Burette)
  • Mass (Weight, Spring balance && Electronic balance)
  • Pressure (Pressure gauge, Pressure switch, Pressure recorder, Vacuum gauge)
  • Chemical (pH meter, Refractometer)
  • Temperature (Digital thermometer, Temperature data logger, Temperature recorder, Autoclave, Oven, Freezer and other)
  • Other (Centrifuge, Moisture balance and etc.)

  Calibration Laboratory provides services for calibrating of ardinaty laboratory tools. Such as analytical balance, weighting balance, thermometer etc. The service offers the laboratory that need to check tool to meet the requirement of the international standard.

Certificate and list

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