Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development

AMARC believes that business based on sustainbaility is an important foundation that will allow the company to achieve our mission and vision in becoming a leading international laboratory providing ‘testing, inspection and certification’ services contributing to consumers’ safety and quality of life.

AMARC is determined to conduct businesses with care toward community, environment and economy throughout the entire value chain. Our sustainability principles concur with the UN Global Compact and the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Sustainability Policy

Economic & Governance

AMARC is determined to utilize our expertise in creating growth for our our customers through scientific development in pacing forward together with the continuously evolving standard as well as to conduct business according to good governance, laws and regulations in becoming a sustainble company.


AMARC is determined to create sustainability to society and community which include our people and our surrounding area. We contribute to job creation and wealth distribution within the community.

AMARC is committed to workplace safety as well as occupational health. We support and encourage our people to be able to grow and utilize their capabilities to full potentials in contributing to the countries' scientific community and scientific advancement.


AMARC is determined to conduct environmental-friendly business. We care about our impact on environment throught out the value chain and business processes from procurement, storage, usage to disposal. We encourage and instill our people and stakeholders to be aware, to understand and to undertake environment sustaibilibility management.